Australia Blocks Citizenship Of Jamil And His Allegations Are Of Grave Concern


A refugee who fled Taliban extremists in Afghanistan believes the Australian Federal Police put him on a terror watch list because he’s a Muslim man with a beard.

Jamil, who worships at the Holland Park Mosque in Brisbane, drives an Uber and a taxi to make a living.

The former colleague professor claims he was put under investigation by federal authorities several months ago, after being separated from his family for eight years.

‘I was really shocked when, you know, when I found myself in a terrorist watch list,’ he told SBS documentary The Mosque Next Door. ‘I said, “It doesn’t make sense”.
‘Mainly, what I think it’s because I am Muslim and I have a beard.’

Jamil moved to Australia eight years ago after the ousted Taliban extremists, who controlled Afghanistan from 1995 to 2001, threatened his life.
Islamic Council of Queensland spokesman Ali Kadri claimed the mosque worshiper, who came to him for help, was reported to the national security hotline several times, perhaps by his Uber customers.

Refugee Jamil believes the Australian Federal Police are monitoring him because he's Muslim

Jamil’s citizenship application has been blocked, which means his wife and two sons are unable to come to Australia.

He lives with his widower brother in Brisbane and cares for his niece and nephew.
Still, he accepted why the Australian government would be wary of him.

‘This government, they’re responsible for the peace and the security of this country,’ he said.

The father-of-two hasn't seen his wife and sons for eight years and says his appearance makes authorities suspicious of him

‘But my life is a hell for me. Because my family, they are the first priority for me.
‘There is no safety in my country. I miss my kids.’

Daily Mail Australia contacted the Australian Federal Police for a response.