Sammy Almahri Killed The Girl He Met On Muslim Date App, What He Did After Is More Brutal

Muslim Date App
Muslim Date App

A grieving mother has revealed how she was taunted with texts from her dead daughter’s phone that were sent by the man who murdered her. Taxi driver Sammy Almahri posed as a millionaire property tycoon and killed Nadine Aburas, 28, in his Cardiff hotel room when she refused to marry him after meeting on a Muslim Date App.

Nadine Aburas, 28, was murdered in Cardiff on New Year's Eve 2014 when she tried to break up with her abusive boyfriend Sammy Almahri. He had posed as a millionaire but was actually a taxi driver, as new REALLY documentary, Swipe Right For Murder, reveals

When Nadine tried to end their relationship, Almahri threatened to post sexual images and videos of her online if she didn’t stay with him. But he would go on to murder her and make her death look like a suicide, before fleeing to Qatar in the Middle East and then on to Tanzania, Africa – all the while texting Nadine’s mother Andrea, telling her she was next.

Andrea appears in new REALLY documentary, Swipe Right For Murder, revealing that she’d encouraged Nadine to join a dating site to find her soulmate.

Andrea said the family was ‘thrown in despair of unbelievable, unimaginable horror’ as he blamed the family for Nadine’s death, even suggesting that her own brother murdered her.

Almahri made Nadine's death look like a suicide and even forged a note to say that his victim was upset about the break up

Forensic psychologist Dr Ruth Tully explained that Almahri got ‘gratification’ from tormenting the family in this way and he viewed it as entertainment.

After her body was found, the family received texts sent from Nadine’s phone, threatening that they would be his next victims and telling them ‘it’s your fault’.

As she fights back tears on the show, she reveals: ‘We were, once again, thrown into this despair of unbelievable, unimaginable horror of having Nad’s phone text us and insult and assault us.’

Shortly after her daughter's death, Nadine's mother Andrea began to receive texts from her phone telling her 'you're next'

Nadine’s younger sister Aneesa said Almahri’s was using the texts as a twisted way to entertain himself.

Aneesa said: ‘My mum got a text from Nadine’s phone and it said something along the lines of “It’s your fault. You’re next.” He would send messages saying ”’your brother killed her, it wasn’t me”.

‘He had the confidence to parade the fact that there was a dead body in that room. And he would call up as though it was an entertainment.’

Forensic psychologist Dr Ruth Tully explained that Almahri was getting gratification from sending the texts messages.

Dr Tully explained: ‘Almahri’s taunting of Nadine’s family by making phone calls to them from Nadine’s phone seems a particularly callous act.

‘I think that it’s possible that he was getting some gratification from that but it seems a very erratic thing to do. This erratic behaviour hints at a lifestyle that’s very, very unstable and someone actually that’s very dangerous.’

Nadine met Almahri on a Muslim dating site where he posed as a millionaire property tycoon. Their relationship quickly grew very intense and they would speak on the phone until the early hours of the morning.

On the night she died, Nadine visited Almahri in his Cardiff hotel in an attempt to get her private pictures and videos back

They met for the first time in 2013 and Nadine quickly realised that Almahri wasn’t what he appeared to be online and was instead a driver. The relationship became abusive when he assaulted her and left her covered in bruises.

When she tried to leave Almahri, he blackmailed her by threatening to post naked pictures and videos of her online.

He visited Cardiff in 2014, staying just a few hundred metres from her flat, and lured her back to the hotel by asking her to return her passport. She decided to go so she could get the pictures of herself back.

They went to a local restaurant for dinner and arrived at his hotel around 11pm, which is the last time she was seen alive.

Just an hour later, Almahri was seen at a casino with scratches to his face before driving away in Nadine’s car.

Nadine’s body was found at around 12.20pm on New Year’s Eve by the duty manager and the police were called in.

Almahri had drunk nine shots of tequila before meeting up with Nadine in the hotel

After an international police hunt, Almahri was eventually located in Tanzania and arrested on an Interpol arrest warrant on January 19, before being returned to Britain.

Almahri claimed he was suffering from ‘abnormality of mental function’. He claims he was in a psychiatric state of hearing ‘the voice of God’ telling him to kill Nadine.

Almahri was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2016 after he sparked an international manhunt

In 2016 he was jailed for life with a minimum term of 17 years before he can apply for parole.