Muslim Couple Crashed Their Car Into A Woman, Then All Hell Break Loose


An Alaskan woman lost control at a fellow driver after the pair almost got into a car accident.

In the video uploaded to YouTube the man is the one recording the woman who is sitting in her car, clearly after the incident.

It is unclear as to exactly what happened but it appears the man almost crashed into her as the woman begins by saying ‘you’re running me off the god damn road.

The man immediately apologizes as he can be heard saying ‘I’m so sorry,’ however she aggressively responds, ‘no, f*** you, if I had a gun I would shoot you.’

Clearly annoyed that she’s being filmed she yells ‘give me your god damn phone, give me your god damn phone.’

He tries to reason with her but she proceeds to get out of the car as she shouts ‘I’m gonna kill your god damn kids. I’ve got people that will do it, you watch.’

The man can be heard trying to rectify the situation as he says ‘ma’am, ma’am calm down.’
The man filming appears to be profusely apologizing as he says: ‘I’m sorry I did not see. Ma’am, please calm down, relax.’

The woman gets increasingly angry as the man continues to repeat himself: ‘Relax, I’m sorry I did not see you.’

‘You better open up your god damn eyes and learn how to drive you f****** Muslim,’ she angrily yells at him.

She then goes ‘you are a Muslim aren’t you?’ to which he says: ‘Yes I am, proud.’
‘I knew it. Son of a n**** loving atheist b****,’ she begins to spew.

Without antagonizing the situation he merely says ‘I feel so sorry for you that you’re full of hatred. Ma’am, God bless you.’

His comments only seem to irritate her however: ‘You almost f****** killed me you stupid ass****. You stupid ass b******.’

She then jumps out of the car and launches at him yelling ‘I’m gonna kill you.’

The man appears to retreat backwards as he shouts back ‘have you lost your mind?’ She ends up getting back in her car and driving off.