Muslims Shut Down Public Park for Pool Party, Then Get News They Never Expected


One group that caters to Muslim women planned to host a “Burkini Day” at a local water park in the town of Pennes-Mirabeau, France for Public Park for Pool Party. The idea is just as it sounds — a day that allowed only women in the park, and those women must wear burqinis, full-body swimsuits.

Some Muslims who have relocated to Western countries have done their fair share of demanding certain “rights” and privileges in the name of their religion.

It didn’t take long for the public outcry to begin, and the water park to reconsider its plan.

On Tuesday, French authorities and officials at the water park announced that the event, which had been scheduled for Sept. 10, was canceled in an attempt to maintain public order.

“Neither Speedwater Park nor the town of Pennes-Mirabeau wish to be the site of public disorder,” a statement read. “Extreme ideological positions are taking advantage of the controversy over this event to address conflicts in which Speedwater Park and the city of Pennes-Mirabeau do not wish to be involved.”

Islamic dress codes are sensitive issues in France, where the full-face veil is banned by law in public places.

The event was booked by Smile 13, a women’s association that caters to Arab women in the area. The association said it had received death threats and bullets in the mail.

Pennes-Mirabeau’s population of 2 million includes some 220,000 Muslims.

Muslims who expect to exclude others in the name of their religion aren’t being very smart. They would not take kindly to Christians closing down a public area and excluding Muslims. They would head to their local CAIR chapter and file a discrimination complaint before the day was done.

Those who expect special allowances are creating the very public disorder and tension they complain about, and they should really examine how Western societies function.