Liberals Got Furious After Seeing Baptist Church’s Sign About Muslims


In the small town of Hood River, Oregon, people are going after a local pastor for messages written on the church’s reader board. But he isn’t backing down one bit.

Pastor Michael Harrington of Belmont Drive Missionary Baptist Church has had his facility vandalized and property stolen after liberal snowflakes became upset over the messages displayed on his churches reader board.

One such message read: “Wake up Christians, Allah is not our God, Mohammed not greater than Jesus,” while another one pointed to the fact that in Christianity, The Bible is the holy book and not the Quran.

Earlier this year, K2 Live reported on the anger that many felt after seeing the signs. “I was profoundly offended and upset by it,” Eric Cohn a Hood River resident said to the local news station.

Since the signs went up, Pastor Harrington has reported several hundred dollars worth of damage done to his reader board with letters being stolen and rearranged to read vulgar things.

“Our church sign has a reader board and in the last 12 months we have had it changed nine times to read ugly, and sometimes vulgar things. Our letters have been broken or taken. We have spent over $450 in new letters alone,” Harrington wrote to the Hood River News editors last month.

“This last time was Friday, May 19. This is what was written on the sign: “God Loves the Sinner But Hates Their Sins.” They changed the sign to read (a vulgarity). They called my God a b**** and told Him what He could do,” he added.

He recalled an earlier hate crime in Oklahoma in which bacon was placed on the doors of a mosque so that none of the Muslim congregants could enter the building. “The FBI Homeland security, state and local police were all called in to investigate because it was called a hate crime. Our former DOJ made a law that said anything said or was done against a Muslim or Islam is a hate crime,” Harrington said.

In contrast, when Pastor Harrington called the local police to report what should be considered a hate crime, he said, “authorities responded saying ‘Do you have a cover that locks up the letters so they can’t take them?’ They implied that it was our fault they were doing this because we didn’t lock up our board.”

“Now someone had to come on church property (trespassing), break up and take letters (theft and vandalism) change it to ridicule our God and that is not a hate crime? Answer just one question: when if ever or what has to be done, short of killing a Christian, for it to be called a hate crime against a Christian?” he concluded.

This is an absolute travesty and true double-standard when it comes to hate crimes. All this pastor was doing was expressing his theological beliefs and he didn’t do it in a hateful way. However, because the left is extremely pro-Islam, they have no problem bashing a Christian who believes in God and not Allah.

The craziest part is that these liberals don’t say a word when the mosques actually preach from a book that calls for the slaughter of anyone who doesn’t believe in Islam.