Manhattan and White House top nuclear targets, report shows


    Manhattan and White House top nuclear targets, report shows
    MAJOR cities, military bases and the White House are among the top potential targets in a North Korean nuclear strike, an eye-opening report has revealed.
    The United States mainland is the top target listed in the new report by the European Council on Foreign Relations, which paints a grim picture of North Korea’s nuclear potential.
    North Korea has not released an official list of targets.
    The European think tank has instead collated the list based on material published on the secretive regime’s propaganda channels.
    The report, Pre-empting defeat: In search of North Korea’s nuclear doctrine, goes on to suggest how North Korea would use its nuclear weapons in a conflict situation.
    It aims to “predict Pyongyang’s response to different scenarios, and to avoid war, the international community needs to understand how the regime sees its nuclear weapons, and when it would use them
    It also warns Pyongyang’s weapons program is here to stay.
    “European policymakers must accept the fact that Pyongyang is a rational actor and that there is no prospect of talks on unilateral disarmament,” the report states.
    Kim Jong-un sees nuclear weapons as vital to ensuring the survival of his regime,
    “Without certainty that its arsenal could survive a first strike by its enemies, Pyongyang’s deterrence relies on the threat of launching the first strike itself,” it states.
    The rogue state also wants to ensure there is no doubt it will use such weapons if a strike was carried out against its missile or nuclear sites.
    The targets may not come as a surprise given the North has been engaged in a public war of words with US President Donald Trump.

    Guam was just one of the targets mentioned in the report which details how Pyongyang regards military and civilian targets in equal measure.
    Major US cities, the island of Manhattan, the White House, and the Pentagon remain big targets while Guam and military targets were next.
    South Korea also makes the list with military bases and Pyeongtoek, the commercial area near Camp Humphreys coming ahead of Seoul as another potential target.