“No Go Zones” Made The Residents Scared to Leave Home In This Country


    “Diversity is our strength,” or so the vague claim goes. Of course, the people who parrot that line never seem to specify what kind of diversity they’re talking about, and whether or not it’s compatible with western culture.

    The people of Sweden are finding out the hard way that importing countless people who don’t really like you might not be so wise.

    A survey from the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention has just revealed that some 50 percent of residents in areas with high immigrant populations are now afraid to leave their homes.

    Multiculturalism. Diversity. What’s not to love?

    Liberals, of course, would be quick to claim that those Swedes are just xenophobic bigots. The reality is that residents are genuinely concerned about serious crime problems… and it’s all linked to rampant and largely Islamic immigration.

    “In some suburbs, many choose to not even go out because of the insecurity,” Swedish-language SVT News reported, based on a translation.

    “Forty-eight percent report that they are experiencing insecurity when they are out late at night in their own residential area,” continued the Swedish news source. “Because of this, many choose not to even go out, the survey shows.”

    Thousands of Middle Eastern immigrants have been pouring into Swedish cities over the last year.

    “Five years ago the population of Malmö in southern Sweden passed the 300,000 mark and today hovers around 320,000,” explained Breitbart.

    “In the last year, the number increased by 6,000 and authorities say the driving force behind the increase is mass migration, predominantly from Middle Eastern nations,” the report continued, citing local Swedish news sources.

    It’s one thing to welcome immigrants who wish to assimilate into their new country and become part of the existing culture. That’s the “melting pot” effect — but it’s based on a genuine desire to learn the language and respect local customs and laws.

    How do you “coexist” with someone who wants to, say, shoot anyone exercising free speech or throw gay people off of buildings? Is it “tolerant” to do nothing while a culture mutilates and oppresses women and girls?

    There’s a very different effect when foreigners pour over a border and have no desire to “blend in.” The reality is that not every culture is the same; you’d be better off trying to mix oil and water than two societies with completely opposing worldviews and objectives.

    One look at world history shows that contrary to the “diversity is our strength” narrative, the most strife often occurs along the fault lines of cultural differences.

    Hutus and Tutsis. Sunnis versus Shiites. Jews and Palestinians. Hispanic gangs and their black inner city rivals.

    In fact, it would be easier to list the rare cases where “cultural diversity” is a clear advantage than all the historical evidence of this being untrue.

    Europe’s history books are filled with battles and wars fought over the clash of cultures. This may be an inconvenient reality, but it is true.

    Now, leftists are so intent on signaling their virtue that they’re trying to jam square pegs into round holes. Eager to appear tolerant no matter the cost, the “no borders” crowd has turned a blind eye to the mounting evidence that not all forced diversity is a good thing.

    If countries like Sweden are not careful, they may be putting their own citizens at risk for the sake of a multicultural experiment.

    When half the population is afraid to go outside, something is wrong. Hopefully, people will start paying attention before it’s too late.