Watch What Malcolm Turnbull Thinks About Islam


    Watch What Malcolm Turnbull Thinks About Islam
    Few Months back Malcolm Turnbull had defended moderate Islam in the face of the US administration’s reinstatement of its travel ban on citizens from a number of Muslim majority nations, and warned that demonising Muslims will only confirm the lie propagated by terrorists that Muslims are not welcome in Australia.

    Mr Turnbull said in the war against terrorism, “our best allies, our most important allies are Muslim leaders like Joko Widodo and the billions of Muslims who are thoroughly committed to peace and take — as president Widodo and (Malaysian) Prime Minister Najib would say — a path of moderation and tolerance”.

    Mr Turnbull said the US travel ban would not affect the deal made under former President Barack Obama for the US to take refugees from Manus Island and Nauru detention centres.

    “No, the President has agreed to honour, continue with, the arrangements entered into with his predecessor,” he said.

    The PM arrived in Jakarta for a daylong visit to attend the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) leaders’ summit and to further discussions aimed at concluding the Indonesian Australian Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement by the end of the year.