Javed Hussain Kept Wife In Captivity, What He Did After Was Havoc


    A woman in Uttar Pradesh, Agra, has been wandering for months to convict the accused of keeping Javed Hussain Kept Wife In Captivity and gangrape. In this case, she has begun from CM to PM but no action taken till now.

    She accused, that her husband put her along with his 10 friends gangraped her during pregnancy. She also said because she protested against triple Divorce, (Triple Talaq) islamic way of divorce, that is why her husband took this action.

    The matter is of Shahganj Azam Dada Police Station area. Shabnam (fictitious name) was married to Javed Hussain, resident of Sarai Khawaja station area on April 21, 2014.
    According to Shabnam, “On October 18, 2016, when some Muslim organizations were being brought out on the grounds of three divorces on Agra headquarters, Javed asked Shabnam to join the rally.”

    – “Women going to the rally were getting money too. Despite all this, I told Javed- Three divorced women are wrong and I am not in favor of this. After this, the husband referred to Sharia. I did not even consider him. ”
    – “After this I was beaten and beaten and locked in the room. Two days in a row, 3-3 youths have gangraped me. At that time I was pregnant for 2 months. My child fell due to gangrapes. ”
    – “I was in the room. Some passer listened to my shouting and came to the police. The police took me out and handed them to the Shahganj police station.
    Gang raped by 10 boys in front of me
    – “During that time my two photos were viral too. In this one, my hands and feet are tied and in the second there are marks on my back. ”
    – “The police sent me back with the in-laws, pressing the matter. Where I was imprisoned again. I quietly wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the captivity of the husband in some way. ”

    – “The answer came on September 15, 2016. Which took the hands of the in-laws What did he do after this he started imprisoning me more? ”
    – “On January 1, 10 people gangraped me in the presence of my husband. During this time I had an abortion. I was kept forcibly drinking so that I could remain unconscious. ”
    – “As soon as I got out from there on February, I reached the police with the help of passers-by. The police made the pressure – what will happen if the husband is involved in the gangrape? Go back and stay there. ”
    – ” After this I went to my dad. On February 2, the case went to the top officials, but the case was not registered. ”
    Case filed on June 4, 2017, in the case of police insinuation from Oct 18
    – On May 18, I went to Lucknow and complained to CM Yogi Adityanath , the case came in the category of investigation and on June 2, when the police took me to the scene of the incident, the women were killed in the presence of the police and not accepting Shariat But as a punishment, the right thing to kill. ”
    Accordingly, the police saved my life and on the basis of their report, on June 4, 376 D (gangrape) 342, 504, 315 (abortion) 323, on the four unknowns including husband Javed, partner Ejaz, Zahid, Zakir, 120-B case registered. ”
    6 months later, in the medical test, the body was found in a deep wound
    – Shabnam’s statue, the case was registered 5 months after the incident and after 1 month the victim was medical. Even after six months in the medical report, there was a report of her cough breaks, miscarriages and severe rape. Even after this, he had to struggle for the statement of 164.
    – Even after the arrest of the accused, he wrote a letter to the PM and the PMO got the answer this month that help the victim be helped. Still no action was taken.
    What does the police say?
    – On November, Shabnam tried to meet CM, but did not get it. It was called from the CM office to Agra SSP
    According to Lohamandi CO Nirmala Singh, such a case has emerged. The case has been registered. CM has ordered to take action soon. The matter is being scrutinized seriously.