Manus Protest: leaders chain themselves to Kirribilli House gate


    Manus Protest: leaders chain themselves to Kirribilli House gate
    Christian leaders have chained themselves to the front gates of the prime minister’s official Sydney residence to protest against Australia’s treatment of refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island.

    Gosford Anglican priest Father Rod Bower shared an image on Twitter of himself and four others with chains around their necks locked to the gates of Kirribilli House.
    The five protesters are holding signs pushing for the evacuation of the Manus and the Nauru offshore processing centre.

    The protest comes a day after thousands of people gathered across Australia called for the federal government to end its offshore detention policy.

    “One thing we all agree on is the need to treat people the way we want to be treated ourselves,” Bower said. “The relentless abuse of people by the government for political purposes not only diminishes these vulnerable refuges, it diminishes all Australians.”
    Pastor Jarrod McKenna, who recently visited Manus Island, said the men held on Manus must be evacuated to safety immediately.

    “I spent 25 hours living in the old Manus detention centre and found it incredibly difficult. Imagine not one day, but over 1,500 days where there is no hope of a future on the horizon. We cannot stand by while people needing freedom and safety are hidden in a prison by our government.”