COMING TO A HEAD: North Korea frightened as Seoul deploys ‘decapitation unit’ to ‘ASSASSINATE Kim Jong-un


    COMING TO A HEAD: North Korea frightened as Seoul deploys ‘decapitation unit’ to ‘ASSASSINATE Kim Jong-un
    NORTH Korea has condemned Seoul’s “decapitation unit” aimed at “assassinating Kim Jong-un”, the country’s puppet media outlet announced yesterday.

    The rogue state’s KCNA network referred to its southern neighbour as a “puppet warmonger” for reorganising its military unit “targeting the war headquarters of the north”
    It said: “The puppet warmongers of South Korea are mulling over finishing the reorganisation of some units belonging to the special warfare command into a special task brigade for a ’decapitation operation’.

    “This brigade, called the ‘decapitation unit’, is to perform a ’decapitation operation’ targeting the headquarters and major military instalments in the DPRK after intruding into Pyongyang in the case of an emergency.

    “The puppet military already asserted that the unit is ‘aimed at the war headquarters of the north’.

    “It has already worked out the appropriate budget to arm the unit with special transport helicopters and special weapons after its reorganisation into the special task brigade.

    “With the imminent ruin of Park Geun-hye earlier this year, the puppet military rescheduled to finish the reorganisation within this year, though it was originally planned to be finished by 2019.

    “This was strongly denounced and rebuffed by the public at home and abroad but the puppet warmongers have pressed for the organisation of the ‘decapitation unit’ by taking advantage of the US imperialists’ execution of their policy for aggression on the DPRK.”

    Following North Korea’s sixth nuclear test in September, the South announced it would establish a “decapitation unit” aimed at pushing its neighbour to agree to negotiations.

    Shin Won-sik, a retired three-star general who was previously South Korea’s top operational strategist, stated the unit is “the best deterrence we can have, next to having our own nukes, is to make Kim Jong-un fear for his life”.

    The idea behind the “decapitation unit” is similar to the group assembled by the South in the 1960s that were intended to sneak into North Korea and assassinate then leader Kim Il-sung.

    The group ended up failing in its mission but the South seems intent on giving the tactic another chance.

    The public announcement of the group by South Korea is intended to scare Kim Jong-un.

    Leonid Petrov, a Korea expert from Australia’s National University, previously stated that an attempted assassination of despot leader Kim Jong-un would not work.

    He stated: “It is a fantasy, it’s science fiction. Mission impossible.

    “Kim Jong-un lives like his father and his grandfather — underground in numerous palaces which are linked by underground tunnel highways.

    “He periodically pops up on launching pads to oversee the rockets, has a photo session, meets with peasants and workers and then disappears again.

    Source : Jewsnews