Jailed ISIS Suspect Abu Musa Slashes Guard’s Neck, Shouts Jihadi Slogans


    Jailed ISIS Suspect Abu Musa Slashes Guard’s Neck, Shouts Jihadi Slogans
    West Bengal’s lone ISIS member Mohammed Musiruddin alias Abu Musa, who was arrested last year for his alleged role in the Burdwan blast, slashed the neck of a guard at the Alipore Central Jail with an improvised weapon on Sunday.

    The critically injured guard has been taken to a hospital. State prison minister, Ujjwal Biswas, confirmed the shocking incident and said a preliminary inquiry has revealed that Musa used a long iron nail to pierce the neck of the guard.

    “Such terrorists are trained in beheading. He was desperate to kill the guard with the nail but other jail officials rushed to the spot and managed to overpower him in time,” Biswas said, adding that Musa has been shifted to another cell in the same jail and is kept under heavy security.

    The incident took place around 6am at Block 13, where Musa was kept confined in solitary cell number 2. The victim, Govindo Chandra Dey, had gone to his cell for a routine inspection, but the moment he opened the gate, Musa hit him with a brick on his head and then stabbed him with the nail.

    Govindo raised an alarm and the other officials rushed to rescue him. After he was pinned down, Musa raised pro-ISIS slogans. He said the attack was part of his ‘jihad’.

    Officials said they also found some chemical from his pockets, which he planned to rub on the warder’s neck wound. However, they did not say how he managed to sneak in a chemical into his solitary confinement cell….