Avi Yemini abused outside Milo Yiannopoulos event

    Avi Yemini
    Avi Yemini

    Avi Yemini abused outside Milo Yiannopoulos event
    An Israeli right-wing activist has claimed the violent brawl that erupted outside of Milo Yiannopoulos’ show in Melbourne on Monday made him feel like he was back ‘in the Middle East’.
    In an eight-minute video posted to his Facebook page, former Israel Defence Force soldier Avi Yemini detailed what he claims ‘really went down’ when the controversial commentator’s fans and protesters clashed.
    Pictures showed multiple people in the huge crowd throwing punches, being pepper sprayed by police and ripping street signs out of the ground. Two people were arrested and a police officer was injured after being hit by a rock.
    Mr Yemini said it was not Yiannopoulos’ supporters who ignited the violence, but claimed it was ‘leftists’ who ‘teamed up with Islamists’.
    ‘You had a small group of pro-Milo supporters. People who are standing up for freedom of speech. People who are proudly announcing that they are Aussies. You don’t have to agree with all their different schtick,’ Mr Yemini said.
    But then you had a massive crowd surrounding the maybe 50 pro-Milo supporters. You had a massive crowd of hundreds…You had Antifa with their face coverings, you had Muslim women in burkas…throwing their middle fingers up and calling me a Nazi.’
    He said Australia is in the middle of a war on ‘freedom of speech’ and that there are ‘no two sides’.
    Mr Yemini said Yiannopoulos’ supporters in attendance were racially diverse and included a large percentage of Jewish people – not ‘skinhead neo Nazis’.

    It felt like I was in the Middle East on the Garza Strip again where they were throwing rocks at the police, at the small group in the middle – you literally had Muslims in burkas and males, maybe 20 to 30-year-old males giving me threats’.
    ‘Islamic terror that is what it was, on the streets of Melbourne,’ he said.
    At Yiannopoulos’ show in Sydney on Tuesday, the 33-year-old had a shoe thrown at him after seven protesters were arrested outside a wedding reception venue where he was speaking.