Health Inspector Visits Muslim School, Finds Nasty Surprise


    Health Inspector Visits Islamic School, Finds Nasty Surprise
    Schools all over world have to maintain basic hygienic standards which is similar for both boys and girls. Even schools based on religious grounds such as Islamic schools, convent schools have to maintain these standards and are often inspected by health officers who visit regularly to check and regulate the standards. Failure to comply with set standards can also get the school license cancelled.
    According to Telegraph school in UK has received possibly the lowest rating in the country for not providing toilet papers to its female students due to cultural reasons. Staff at the fee-paying Park Avenue Girls’ High School, in Stoke-on-Trent, said paper was available from the school office, but because most of the students were Asian, they preferred to wash rather than wipe.

    But some of the girls told inspectors they were so unhappy about the situation that they avoided using the lavatory all day.
    The school, which was visited by inspectors October, was rated “inadequate”, with the report identifying a range of concerns, including safeguarding problems and the discovery of sectarian material on the premises.

    On student said The children they do use the toilets and traditionally, because we are Asian, we wash, not only wipeAbdul Ghafoor Salloo


    Some pupils, they avoid using toilets because they don’t like going in there.

    “There are facilities for cleaning yourself in the toilet – it might be hard for someone who doesn’t traditionally wash to understand and washing is better than wiping clean.

    “The Ofsted inspector said there has to be toilet rolls, we said there are always toilet rolls but they are not always out – so what?”

    Inspectors also criticised the fact there were no shower facilities available at the school, which has 34 pupils aged between 11 and 16.

    In addition the report stated: “Safeguarding is ineffective. Leaders have not ensured that the school premises are a safe place for pupils, and some checks on staff’s suitability to work with children are incomplete

    “Leaders’ checks on attendance and safeguarding issues are not robust. Their checks lack detail and do not contribute strongly to keeping pupils safe. Therefore, pupils’ welfare is not assured.”