Burqa Clad Thieves Steal Two Shops But This Time Even Police Is Surprised


    Burqa has been in debate in western world for good numbers of years. Sharia followers want every women who practice Islam to wear Burqa which is against the principles of western society. Burqa’s lately have been in news for many wrong reasons as well all over the world . Many terrorists, shop lifters and even women have used it as a tool to gain advantage. This was the prime reason few governments wanted a complete ban on Burqa but Liberal, Leftist elite in countries started crying hate crime and racism and idea was dropped on in some cases reversed. Canada is classic example where Face Veil ban was over turned by Judge in Quebec Province. The following are the two cases that took place in India recently is Muslim dominated Southern state of Kerala. This time police is more shocked as both the thieves are women only

    Two recent cases of burqa-clad women disguised as customers and stealing articles from shops have come as a fresh problem for police who are still to crack last month’s cash theft by a group of women in a seeds shop. The two theft cases were reported the same day on December 1.

    A gang of three burqaclad women stole articles worth Rs 1.20 lakh from a shop in Shalimar while a mobile phone worth Rs 42,000 was stolen, apparently by the same women, from a shop in the Nashik Road area.
    Macchindranath Gaikwad, who has an electronics shop near the passport office along the Pune road in the Nashik Road area, has stated in his complaint that three burqaclad women entered his shop on the pretext of buying electronic articles around 10.30 am on December 1and one of them stole the mobile phone.
    In the other case, Vijay Panjwani has stated in his complaint that articles worth Rs 1.20 lakh from his shop in the M G Road area were stolen by three women wearing the burqa on December 1. “We have collected the CCTV footage in the Upnagar case.

    The women shoplifters would soon be arrested,” said DCP Srikrishna Kokate of Zone II, Meanwhile, police have been unable to trace the seven women who stole Rs 1.50 lakh from a seed shop at Sinnar Phata in the Nashik Road area on November 23. They had entered the shop while asking for drinking water and one of stole Rs 1.50 lakh kept in a drawer.