Sweden Is OUT Of CONTROL” – Tucker Carlson REACTS To Situation In Sweden


    criminal gangs have taken control of 55 “no-go zones,” according to a report released by Swedish police, which mapped out the areas law enforcement has handed over. The areas are overrun by organized crime and drug dealing and officers frequently face direct attacks when trying to enter them. We look at how the gangs have secured these zones from criminal authorities, and how authorities have been powerless to change the tide
    Sweden has been facing migrant crisis pretty much like all Europe lately but condition in Sweden is worse. The crime has risen to the levels beyond imaginable and it seems government is helpless. The law enforcement agencies have also taken a back seat in few cases and in some cases are over worked. Small places called ‘No Go Zones’ have come across all over Sweden.

    Meanwhile Sweden’s Ex-Premier Compares Migrant Influx to Couples Having Children
    The former Swedish leader, who led the country from 2006 to 2014, compared the influx of asylum seekers to having children, saying: “Those who were first seen as a cost will become the best investment of your life,” Expressen reports.

    Reinfeldt defended his longtime pro-mass migration views saying that Sweden “has been a country of immigrants. A country that has been open to people who came from all over the world, who entered our society and became part of our country, called themselves Swedes and helped build welfare with their efforts and work.”

    When confronted with the fact that the Swedish budget costs for migrants were more than the costs for the entire armed forces, Reinfeldt once again compared asylum seekers to new children saying: “I want to emphasise that there are very few who bring children into the world who say, ‘I’m really doubtful because it’s quite expensive to have children, what should they be good for? Should you put up with these costs in the first few years? There are many diapers and so on.’”

    The total cost of the migrant crisis for Sweden has been estimated to be as high as 14 times the military budget by Stockholm University associate professor Jan Tullberg.