Illegral Immigrant Butchers Girlfriend’s Daughter With Ax, His Next 4 Words Horrify Police


    Sweden is perhaps going through its worst crisis since both world wards. Immigration is becoming a challenge for most Swedish authorities. The latest case of crime will shock you to core. An illegal immigrant slaughtered her girl friends daughter.

    When questioned by police his answer was horrifying. He said ‘I took the ax and went to hit her’ he explained the police in an interview very casually without any remorse. Which shocked the Authorities to the core.

    According to Swedish daily Friatider The 36-year-old Albanian Lumi Durim had rejected his asylum application and was illegally in Sweden when he killed his step-daughter in May this year. He will have killed the girl by repeatedly striking her in her head with an ax. The sentence is determined to be 18 years in prison and expulsion.

    I took the ax and went to hit her,” Durim explains about the incident in a police interview.

    – How do you know how many battles you get when you’re angry?

    According to law, the 36-year-old Albanian has assigned her several heads to her head, which meant that the young woman, who was in her 20s, had so much damage to her brain that she eventually died. The man should also have prevented the mother and sister from helping the girl. The circumstances of the case are very aggravating, the court considers.

    When the man then contacted SOS Alarm, the police had no patrol available because there was a dispute between the police and the SOS Alarm if the ambulance staff themselves would pick up the injured girl, even though Lumi Durim was still in the spot. Finally, an ambulance helicopter came to the scene, but the victim’s life could not be saved.

    There is no clear motive for the attack, even though the investigation showed that both of them were disagreeable. According to relatives, the girl should have criticized the immigrant for not helping in the home.

    The now convicted lawyer Lars Magnusson says to GT that the man wanted to neutralize a threat that was over him. But that explanation is not shared by the prosecutor.

    “I mean it is clear that it may not have been that he felt threatened by her,” says prosecutor Per Svensson to the GT, pointing out that it was a pure execution.

    In addition, documents from abroad show that Lumi Durim killed before.

    Värmland’s District Court refers to Greek legal documents, which it considers to be clear that the Albanians have intentionally killed a man in Greece, around the turn of the millennium. According to the District Court, the sentence was 15 years and 9 months. However, how much he set off is unclear. The 36-year-old himself claims that the information is not correct.

    Lumi Durim is an Albanian citizen and needs an interpreter in Albanian. When he killed his stepmother in Sweden this year, he had rejected his asylum application and was thus illegally in the country.

    The prosecutor had demanded a prison of life, but the district court of Värmland, instead, judged 18 years in prison and expulsion. This is motivated by the rapid attack and the victim quickly losing consciousness.

    “The circumstances are not such a very serious blow that life imprisonment should be sentenced”, writes the right.The judgment may be appealed and hopefully he won’t be spared anyway.