Vietnam Vet Looks At Terrorist About To Strike, Utters 7 Words He’ll Never Forget


    When a terrorist spotted a Vietnam Veteran he straight away wanted to kill him on the the spot. But the brave veteran uttered 7 words which the terrorist will never forget in his life.

    The Jew and Arab conflict has been going on for years. Israel is the world’s only Jewish state, located just east of the Mediterranean Sea. Palestinians, the Arab population that hails from the land Israel now controls, refer to the territory as Palestine, and want to establish a state by that name on all or part of the same land. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is over who gets what land and how it’s controlled. over 50 Muslim countries have attacked Israel both militantly and politically.

    The solution is a “one-state solution,” wherein all of the land becomes either one big Israel or one big Palestine. Most observers think this would cause more problems than it would solve, but this outcome is becoming more likely over time for political and demographic reasons.

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    On the morning of November 17, U.S. Marine veteran David Ramati, who served 2 combat tours in Vietnam before moving to Israel and serving for 25 years in the Israeli Defense Forces, was walking along the Efrat-Darom intersection when 17-year-old Palestinian terrorist “Az a-Din” Ali Karajeh (Karaj) recognized his opportunity to kill a Jew

    According to Israel National News Ramati looked straight into Karajeh’s eyes as he was speeding toward him and fearlessly uttered, “You’re not going to kill me today” before spryly leaping onto a fence to avoid being run over.

    “The terrorist drove past me, then made a U-turn, and at that point I understood that he was planning to attack me,” Ramati told Army Radio. “I realized that I didn’t have time to draw my gun, so I jumped the fence. While I was in the air [jumping the fence], he managed to run into me with his car.”

    Ramati recalled, “I saw the smile of the terrorist’s face. I told him ‘You’re not going to kill me today.’ I wasn’t afraid.”

    Ramati’s resourcefulness and determination saw to it that he survived a common Palestinian terror tactic that often results in the deaths of Israeli civilians.

    “My whole face was full of blood and I couldn’t see anything,” Ramati said. “I could barely stand and walked back to call for help and an ambulance came and took me to the hospital.”

    Ramati’s daughter, Elisheva Federman, explained that her father has never lost his positive outlook, even though this isn’t his first near-death experience. She added that he has dedicated his life to opposing terrorism and only regrets that he wasn’t able to stop Karajeh himself.

    “He’s lived through a lot of wars and terror attacks. No terrorist is going to stop him. He’s only regret is that he wasn’t able to draw his gun in time and eliminate the terrorist.”