Woman Survives Beating Cops Say Not Hate Crime For 1 Sick Reason


    After a caucasian woman was assaulted by three illegal aliens who approached her and beat her very badly . The Woman went to the police station to show her wounds and disfigured face the police did not acknowledge this as a hate crime and gave a ridiculously shocking reason to support its claim.

    In a bid to welcome Multiculturalism and diversity in western countries. The Liberal government in these countries openly advocate of bringing more refugees, migrants from some of the most crime infested nations. When these migrants turn up as refugees they fail to assimilate with the local people and find it difficult to secure a job. This results in these people taking up drugs, getting into violent crime etc .

    Similar thing happened with a UK Citizen Nikki Grunshaw who was approached by three men ‘Asian Males’ asian used for Muslims in British Media to censor hate and sound Liberal. These three men asked for a lighter to light up cigarets which Nikki politely refused and then these three male started abusing her calling her White F**king S**T , Wh**e etc and smashed her head in the stone wall. After surviving the horrific attack, Nikki was left with large bruises, swelling, and large gaping wound across her forehead.

    Managing to pull herself together, Nikki immediately reported the disturbing crime to the local police station. Incredibly, despite the fact that the Muslim migrant men beat their victim while vocally condemning her for being “white” and a woman, officers will not consider it a religious, racial, or sexist hate crime simply because the victim is white and the perpetrators are a protected minority

    According to renown anti-jihad British activist Tommy Robinson, if the roles had been reversed and the victim was a hijab-clad Muslim girl who was beaten by a group of white men, the police would’ve unhesitantly launched a hate crime investigation while the media erupts over the apparent “Islamophobia,” Your Brexit reports

    Of course, not one mainstream news outlet has picked up Nikki’s story, despite her public release of the shocking details nearly 2 weeks ago. In fact, not even the local police seem interested in justice for the traumatized woman, as they quickly dismissed her disfiguring wound as a “minor head injury” and still have not contacted her about her case.

    Nikki believes that the police are not pursuing her attackers, but she refuses to give up. On November 8, she commented that she will continue fighting for justice.