Refugee Plots Murder Of Family Over ‘Not Enough’ Welfare, Meets Gruesome Karma


    Endris Mohammed was frustrated that he was not getting enough money in welfare benefits so he hatched a gruesome plan to kill his own wife and children. This may come as a shock for many but this is what exactly happened when Mohammed during his trial, Mohammed claimed that he killed his children and attempted to kill his wife because he believed they’d “be better off dead” because he couldn’t make enough money to provide for them. However, this was found to be a lie, since he was making over $1,300 a month at his job with Uber, an undisclosed amount of money from his wife’s job, and possibly even more in welfare, which is more than many Britons make without the government assistance that’s reserved for refugees.

    Welfare benefits in Developed Western nations are a boon for people who are not willing to work (in most of the cases this is True!) as they get enough payments or Doles as its infamously known to survive a comfortable life. This welfare benefit puts huge strain on Tax payers in these countries and they are ultimately the one’s who suffer. Most western government who dish out these welfare payments are now getting stricter and stricter but loop holes do exists which some people try to exploit. Although in most cases if they are caught the result is harsh punishment which could result in Imprisonment as well.

    According to Mailonline CCTV showed twisted Uber driver, Endris Mohammed, purchasing a jerrycan full of fuel which was poured over a cloth and used to smother Saros Endris, eight, and Leanor, six.
    The 47-year-old Ethiopian asylum-seeker then set fire to his home in a bid to kill his wife and fled in his Uber taxi — driving 40 miles before attempting to kill himself by setting the Vauxhall Insignia alight.
    His devastated wife, Penil, 37, was woken by a smoke alarm and stamped out a small fire by the front door before finding the bodies of their children.
    Today, police released a mugshot showing how his skin had melted from his face in his failed bid to burn himself alive.

    A court heard Mohammed claimed he killed his children because he had ‘no money’, that he did not want to leave them fatherless and ‘felt financially pressured’ by his partner.
    ust hours earlier he played on an Xbox with their son during a ‘sleepover’ in the lounge before he callously smothered him and their daughter.
    Emergency services rushed to the couple’s home following the blaze on Holland Road, in Hamstead, Birmingham, at around 3,30am on October 28 last year.
    The lifeless bodies of the children were dragged outside by their mother who thought they were asleep when they were actually in cardiac arrest.
    according to the BBC.

    He claimed that, whilst pouring petrol on his car outside the family home, he “thought of his children and how this would leave them without their father.”

    Jonas Hankin QC, prosecuting, said, “The true reasons why the defendant killed his children and tried to kill his wife may never be known. His explanation for killing the children was that they would be better off dead than alive because he intended to kill himself.”

    Disturbingly, his wife, who survived with minor injuries, only had praise to offer her killer husband but confessed that he never had any worries, including financial woes.

    Giving evidence, wife Penil Teklehaimanot described her husband as “the perfect dad.”

    She said, “He was a gentle, quiet man. He’s the man who takes it easy. He took everything easy. He’s not worried about anything. He was the perfect dad. He spent a lot of time with the children and played with them.”

    In just 30 minutes, a jury found Mohammed guilty on 2 counts of murder and 1 count of attempted murder, which will likely result in the judge delivering a life sentence. Mohammed remained utterly remorseless as the verdicts were read out to him