Breaking : Sweden Takes A Nasty Decision On Migration Intake


    What may come as a surprise for many , that in spite of all media coverage about migration related issues in Sweden , Swedish Migration board has taken a surprising decision.Recently as we all know Sweden has been plagued with the migration related issues. Illegal Asylum seekers, country shoppers have pushed Swedish law enforcement agencies to the maximum. Never in the history of Sweden ‘No go Zones’ have been created

    But in spite of all the warning it will be sad to know that leftist , Liberalist agenda is still not going anywhere from Sweden. The recent shocking decision of increasing Sweden migration quota from 3500 to 5000 numbers confirms this decision.

    According to Friatider The Migration Board now extends the so-called refugee quota from 3,400 to 5,000 next year. That means about 500 per month, announces the authority on its website today. This has been highest since the Balkan war. The new places will go to Congolese , Ethiopians, Eritreans and Syrians.
    “We have prepared the collection of 1,500 people who can travel here shortly after the turn of the year,” says Oskar Ekblad, Head of Division at the Swedish Migration Board.

    In order to cope with this challenge, we are preparing for 2018. We have prepared the acquisition of 1,500 people who can travel here shortly after the turn of the year,” said the Migration Board’s Oskar Ekblad.

    The 1,500 additional quota refugees deal mainly with immigrants from Syria, which receive 900 seats, despite the fact that the war is now virtually over. In addition, 616 seats have been devoted to Congolese, Ethiopian, Eritreans and persons of other nationalities. Syria is taken out of place by delegated delegations in Lebanon and Turkey, writes Migration Board.

    According to Oskar Ekblad, UNHCR is very positive that Sweden has chosen to receive even more quota refugees.

    “It is particularly welcome now when it is unclear how many quota refugees EU countries and the United States will receive in the future,” he said.

    The mission of the 1,500 quota refugees will also not affect the Migration Board’s work to provide “a large number of asylum seekers” decisions in their cases before the turn of the year.

    The decisions in the refugee asylum cases are taken either by a special team in Malmö or by the delegated delegations.

    According to the Migration Board, a refugee refuge is a person who “has moved from his country and has been elected by the UN Refugee Body UNHCR to move to another country.” This is called resettlement.

    The Migration Board’s latest forecast shows that between 19,000 and 33,000 asylum seekers are expected to come to Sweden next year. The number of incoming affiliations, ie family immigrants, is expected to be 47,000.