North Korea Claims Chubby Tyrant Climbed 8,300 ft Mountain, There’s Just 1 Problem


    New photos have emerged of North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-Un standing in the snow on top of a sacred, “spiritual” 8,300-foot mountain that the chubby tyrant supposedly climbed to the top of. Now, the world is laughing once again, as one huge problem becomes very apparent with the newly released photos.

    According to Daily Mail, Kim Jong-Un was recently photographed walking around in the snow on top of North Korea’s Mount Paektu, the place where Kim’s father falsely claimed to have been born. It is a documented fact that Kim’s father was born in a Siberian village in Russia and not some “magical” mountaintop, but what do you expect from a man who told starving North Koreans that eating sawdust is nutritious?

    Kim visited the mountain and ordered the site managers to construct hospitable accommodations on the mountain for visitors,’ the state-run KCNA reported on Saturday.

    According to MWN The state media in North Korea is pedaling this new story that their rotund tyrant used his superhuman powers to scamper up the 8,300-foot mountain to be photographed smiling in the snow. The problem in the photos is obviously funny. Kim does not have a drop of sweat on him and his shoes are spotless. The chubby dictator didn’t climb up anything except maybe the door of a helicopter.

    But this is nothing new for North Korean media which has a habit of pedalling lies. According to them this hugely supremely talented man learned driving at the age of three (3). Imagine somebody so young to have learned complexities of driving. How can you even see a dashboard and steering when you are so chubby as a kid but for North Korean media this is every day propaganda story to elevate this mans image as wonder kid/god/leader .