Sikh Makes Stand for Christmas With Billboard, Will Leave You Cheering


    While Liberals and Leftist elitist are busy attacking Christmas billboards all over America and rest of the western world as they believe this would make some difference! One group Sikhs From Canada is busy doing the opposite.

    Sikhs from Canada are wishing every one Happy Christmas and Happy New Year and they did this by erecting a huge billboard is Saskatchewan region of Canada. The Sikh Society of Regina, has in its temple has erected this billboard which make may leftist angry .

    Speaking to Canadian Broadcasting Network Former president of the Sikh Society Kuldip Singh Sahota said his community is happy to embrace all religions and festivals. When you say Merry Christmas you wish the other person peace, love and prosperity,” he said. “And that’s what we want to tell the people.

    He added that they hope it helps build the community relationship between the Sikh Society and their neighbours.

    Sikh people are known worldwide to be hardworking , self sustaining and cheerful people. The majority of them reside in India Which is considered birth place of Sikhism. The sikhs have spread all over the world and are doing extremely well in number of fields. In fact the Master Card CEO is a Sikh and many Sikhs are Billionaires in Canada, India, USA and others. They have good population in Australia and New Zealand as well.