Superintendent Invites Religious Preacher To Preach Kids, So Fed-Up Parents Deliver Brutal Surprise


    A liberal Superintendent wanted that Religious Muslim preacher should come and preach school kids in a school in United States. The religious preacher wanted to promote islam and promote sharia law which got kids parents worried and they wanted to take action as soon as possible.

    In a bid to convince impressionable young minds that Islam is inherently peaceful, a superintendent allowed a school to schedule a Muslim woman to purport that Islam empowers women and promotes equality. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t expecting parents to finally take a stand against this liberal propagandising any longer.

    According to wfsb A Bristol teacher’s lesson plan to have a Muslim public speaker at the middle school caused a lot of controversy in the community.

    The speaker was scheduled for next Wednesday at Northeast Middle School in Bristol.

    A woman who is Muslim was set to visit the school and talk about Islam in a social studies class about world religion.

    The conversations became so heated that the superintendent said she had to pull the plug.

    When a letter was sent home to parents last week about the event, it made its way to Facebook.

    “I think it should be a choice for the kids along with the parents. I mean I don’t see anything wrong with it. Why not hear about everybody else’s religion and then everybody would understand everybody else, what’s wrong with that,” said parent Lindsey Heinzman.

    “Well I don’t think religion should be taught in schools anyways, I mean if kids want religion, let them get that at home they don’t need that at school,” said parent Michael Costello.

    Reverend Joseph Jakum voiced his opinions on Facebook and even called the school.

    “I’m a total separation of church and state,” Jakum said. “I don’t believe that any religion should be teaching their faith in the school. I don’t believe Christianity should be taught as a faith in the school. As far as a historical aspect and cultural aspect, I have no problem with it but the letter that went out to our parents stated that they were actually going to be sharing it looked like their faith.”

    Bristol Public Schools Superintendent Susan Kalt Moreau said some comments on Facebook became unsavory and threatening toward the 7th grade teacher who organized the event, so as a result, she canceled the speaker with the concern for students and staff.