Insane : Strangled And Dumped Into Canal But Court Acquits The Killer


    Pakistan which is now officially a hot bed for most of the Terrorism related offences has also got a spiralling crime graph. The Muslim Majority nation does not follow Sharia law in documents but generally the outcome is favoured towards Male.

    Canadian Rajvinder Kaur Gill’s business trip to Pakistan ended in the morgue.

    The 40-year-old British Columbia woman went to Lahore to settle a business dispute on Aug. 25, 2012 — the same day she was abducted and murdered.

    The killers laced her tea with a sedative and then they strangled her before dumping her body in a local canal. Gill reportedly was carrying a laptop and $5 million in cash, which was taken.

    Now, five years later, one of the men allegedly involved in the murder plot has been acquitted.

    According to, Hafiz Shahzad — who confessed his role to authorities — was acquitted because the prosecution could not establish the charges.

    At the centre of the death plot was a German man of Pakistani origin who allegedly owed Gill a large amount of cash. The man allegedly offered Shahzad money to kill the woman, who had been based out of Switzerland.

    Shahid Ghazanfar — AKA Karishna Roy — fled to Germany and is now reportedly facing trial in Canada.

    Media reports said Gill was in Lahore to purchase precious gems while another said she was meeting a prospective husband.

    Authorities are contemplating an appeal in the slaying