WATCH: Illegal Alien Gets Caught On The Wrong Side Of The Border, Instantly Regrets It


    A shocking video has emerged on the US- Mexico Border where an Illegal Alien was trying to cross and come into United States of America by crossing the fence on the border. He thought of running away from Border Patrol agents thinking this would be a clever idea and will help him cross the border but this clearly backfired big time.

    According to the video started with a man on the border wall recording as an illegal alien fled from a border patrol agent who was pursuing him in a truck.

    The agent pulled in front of the fleeing man in an attempt to cut off his route of escape, but the man ran around the truck and darted for a ladder hanging over the border wall.

    Just as the man jumped up on the ladder, the agent grabbed him and tried to pull him off.

    The man refused to let go of the ladder, which resulted in the agent repeatedly slamming the man against the wall in an attempt to break his grip.

    Finally, the agent was able to pull the man off of the ladder, but he took off running again.

    The agent pursued him on foot, and both the agent and illegal fell down. They then jumped up and kept running as a second agent arrived.The second agent was able to grab the runner and take him down.No other details about the incident have been released at this time.

    You can see the video above. NOTE: There is no audio in the video.

    The Trump administration has lately been very strict with border crossings and has even assured prize and gifts to police authorities who will work with Federal Immigration Authorities in reducing and deporting such country shoppers and aliens.