You Will Be Filled With Disgust After Seeing What This Algerian Man Did In Hospital

    Algerian Man
    Algerian Man

    An Algerian Man also an asylum seeker who pleasured himself in front of two shocked women in a hospital was spared jail. Amine Djerbi, 19, was arrested after he was found stumbling around drunk on Fulham Broadway on Tuesday (12).

    Prosecutor Ciaran Cronin, said: ‘He was seen to be in a very drunk state by police and was taken to Charing Cross Hospital. ‘At about half past eight in the evening he put his hands down his trousers and began moving them vigorously.

    In an earlier Incident, A woman who had to catch an early morning train had a horrifying experience when a man was masturbating looking at her at Mumbai’s CST railway station.

    What’s more shocking is that when she called a police posted at the railway station where the accused was present, he did nothing and asked the woman to sit somewhere else and left.

    The woman filmed the entire incident and posted it on social media on July 12. As the post went viral, the cops immediately acted on the post and within six hours they arrested the accused.

    “The offence took place on June 29. The complainant has made a video. We did not call woman to police station. Based on the video itself we filed an FIR and started investigating the case. We have recorded her statement. And within six hours nabbed the accused, the accused is identified as Ashok Pradhan (20) a resident of Mahul Gaon in Chembur,” said a police officer.

    According to police, with the help of the viral video and some CCTV footage they zeroed in on the accused. Few people working at the CST station identified the accused and immediately he was traced.

    “The accused does odd jobs at railway station. In fact when our team reached to him, he did not even know that a case is registered against him for the offence,” said another officer.

    On June 29, the woman was leaving Nashik from CST railway station. She reached the station at around 5.45 am.
    When she boarded the Tapovan Express the lights were off and Pradhan who was sitting began unzipping his pants.
    The woman said that soon after seeing her, Pradhan began masturbating.

    Pradhan continued even after the woman’s friend came and the lights were turned on. The woman said that she went to a constable at the railway station, however, he did not do anything.

    Shockingly the policeman said that Pradhan possibly had a reservation and asked the woman and her friend to sit elsewhere.

    Following the incident, the woman even tweeted about it to Ministry of Railway but got no response. With no help in sight, the woman soon shared the ordeal and posted the video on social media.

    The video later went viral. The incident have raised several questions on the enforcement at railway stations.
    Sources from the police department said that they have initiated action against the policeman who ignored the woman’s complaints.