Family Walks Around Corner & Sees Migrant With His Pants Down, Horrified by What He’s Doing


    Quite the shocking series of events took place for one family as they were walking together in a park, only to come around a corner and see the unimaginable. Come to find out, a migrant was standing there with his pants down — but that’s not the worst part as the family was left further horrified to see what else he was doing at the time.

    According to Vlad Tepes, the shocking incident took place at Görlitzer Park in Berlin, Germany, as a family was enjoying a day out. As we all know, the liberal leadership of Germany has been all too eager to accept anyone into their country, despite the fact that it’s doing real harm to those who live there.

    Sadly, crime has rocketed in many areas where refugees and migrants have been settled as German officials report a spike in things like sexual harassment, assault, sexual assault, rape, and even murder. Despite this reality, it seems that the liberal so-called leadership is all too willing to consider these instances collateral damage in the war of multiculturalism.

    Proving just how damaging the leftists’ policies are for Germans, a family, whose name has been changed to protect their identity, has come forward to tell the public what recently happened to them. Explained by a woman only identified as Amanda F., she states that a babysitter took her son out to enjoy the “Children’s Farm” portion of the park, where they were holding a petting zoo for little ones.

    Unfortunately, the event would soon turn into a thing of horrors for the family as they rounded a corner only to see a man, reportedly identified as a Syrian Muslim migrant, standing there with his pants down. However, that wasn’t the worst part as they were all left completely and utterly horrified to see what the man was doing at the time.

    “My babysitter took a walk with our son through Görlitzer Park,” Amanda explained to the Berliner Morgenpost. “They had to witness the man sexually assaulting the pony.” Yes, you read that right — the 23-year-old man was having sex with one of the petting zoo ponies at the children’s park, RT confirms.

    As one would imagine, the woman, although likely disturbed by what she witnessed, thought to take a picture of the man to help identify him and immediately told the people running the event. Of course, the cowardly man took off running after realising he was caught mid-romp with the pony.

    However, within just a short period of time, those running the park were able to locate the pervert with the help of the image the woman captured and held him until police arrived. The Syrian migrant has since been arrested on charges of violating the animals’ welfare law and causing a public nuisance by sexual acts. He is set to remain behind bars until his trial.

    The punishment according to paragraph 183 a of the criminal code, imprisonment of up to a year, or a fine. Violating the animals’ protection law is punished with a prison sentence of up to three years, or a fine, if the animal was caused significant pain. [Source: Bare Naked Islam]