Liberal Judge Frees 5 Migrants Who Gang-Raped Girl Because Of 2 Sickening Words


    A liberal judge was presented with DNA evidence found inside a young woman, proving that 5 asylum seekers had brutally gang-raped her. However, he immediately acquitted the migrant thugs and outrageously blamed the victim all because of 2 sickening words.

    Last month, the world was rocked when a 30-year-old Swedish woman reported that she had been severely beaten and gang-raped by a group of 20 Muslim migrants in a stairwell in Fittja. After notifying authorities with bodily fluids still on her face, hair, and in her body, officers only managed to catch 5 of her attackers, all of whom are asylum seekers from Iraq and Somalia.

    Thanks to the clumsy efforts of local authorities and the refusal of fearful witnesses to testify against the migrants, the woman was forced to settle for convictions against just a quarter of those involved in her traumatic gang rape. Unfortunately, she won’t even see those few migrants brought to justice after a left-leaning judge decided to release them from prison with one outrageous excuse.

    Swedish newspaper Fria Tider reports that despite incriminating DNA evidence and cell phone footage linking the Muslim asylum seekers to the gang rape, Judge Erica Hemtke of Södertörn’s District Court has announced the acquittal of all 5 migrant rapists because she believes that there was “insufficient evidence” to convict them. In an outrageous turn of events, the judge’s gross mishandling of justice will ensure that the migrants are freed from prison and will only have to pay damages to their devastated victim.

    Although Judge Hemtke admitted that the authorities are responsible for botching the serious case, she deliberately ignored incriminating evidence, arguing that because the woman was there to buy drugs from the migrants and tested positive for narcotics after the rape, she is to blame for her horrific abuse.

    “All parties have agreed that the investigation had shortcomings. During the hearing, it became apparent that the reason for the prosecution is based on these failures,” said Judge Hemtke. “The evidence presented by the prosecutor at the main hearing is simply not enough for anyone to be convicted. The information provided by the plaintiff does not coincide and her information is not supported by other evidence.”
    Judge Hemtke explained that the victim’s story has varied too much, despite the fact that it has been over a year and a half since the attack and the woman is a struggling addict. However, these circumstances should not have ruled out the evidence provided by the police, regardless of how slowly and incompetently they handled the investigation.

    “Overall, the District Court assesses the credibility and reliability of the data she has provided during the trial,” the court writes. “It has been established that, after the event, the woman had injuries in the form of skin discolourations and skin scrapes, of which their emergence and cause, however, cannot been established. Multiple men’s sperm has been found on her clothes. She told police that she met [the men] in close to the time of the incident, and told the doctor who examined her at Södersjukhuset that she had been gang-raped and was in pain. She also showed signs of having been gang-raped.”
    The court was provided with evidence showing that the migrants had forced her to carry out oral sex on 3 of them, as well as vaginal intercourse. Still, the judge cited the victim’s inconsistency in her testimony instead of focusing on the undeniable physical proof at hand.

    The plaintiff’s attorney, Elisabeth Massi Fritz, called out the judge’s absurd ruling and vows to appeal the decision. She argued that the judge’s claim that the evidence provided is insufficient is false, implying that the court attacked the victim’s character instead, according to The Local.

    “The verdict is an embarrassment for our legal system. No perpetrators should escape such a cruel and ruthless gangrape. This is the worse gangrape I have worked on in 26 years,” lawyer Elisabeth Massi Fritz said in a statement. “I don’t believe my client has been given a fair trial, based on among other things her background and person.”

    “You forget that this is not easy for my client. She lives in alienation and has a major problem as a former addict. She does not trust the judiciary. She has not dared to tell everything. She has also had great difficulty, of course, remembering all the details,” Fritz added.

    Thanks to liberal officials like Judge Hemtke, 1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped. Even worse, these women will likely encounter injustices that offer their attackers paltry sentences or acquittals.