Muslims Furious after 7 ‘Islamophobic’ Words On New Mexico Convenience Store Sign


    When Muslims spotted an “Islamophobic” sign at a New Mexico convenience store, they quickly filed a human rights discrimination lawsuit. However, the owner has refused to back down without a fight — and it’s all over 7 words that were deemed offensive.

    In a bid to eradicate the freedoms that prevent them from implementing their fascist agenda, liberals have waged a relentless attack on free speech. Cleverly disguising it as combat against “hate speech,” the left solely and systematically targets expressions that convey messages antithetical to their socialist scheme

    n 2016, left-leaning media relentlessly reported on the audacity of a convenience store owner to erect politically incorrect signs on the facility’s windows and doors. The Albuquerque-based store was incessantly lambasted by the biased mainstream media for criticising then-U.S. President Barack Obama, which the left would love to make a crime. Years after the signs were posted in the store, Muslims finally took notice of one sign in particular that they found religiously offensive. Predictably, they aren’t about to let the Sharia offender get away with their blasphemy.

    On December 13, 2017, designated group CAIR announced that they are filing a human rights discrimination lawsuit with the State of New Mexico Department of Workforce against the Mayhill Store owner all because of a sign on the entrance, which says, “Obama and other Muslims not welcome here.”

    However, there are 2 major problems with their frivolous lawsuit — there haven’t been any reports of the store owner or their employees refusing service to Muslims and the sign has already been removed. In its place is a poster that reads, “Obama and Marlon McWilliams not welcome here,” referring to a former employee

    The civil rights movement sought to eliminate discriminatory signs denying service to members of the public based on their race, religion or national origin,” said CAIR Litigation Director Lena Masri. “We must ensure that we do not allow the bigotry of the past to resurface and be normalized in the form of Islamophobia.”

    Signs posted on the windows of Mayhill Convenience Store included one that states in bold lettering: “Obama & other Muslims Not welcome here.” The sign includes a depiction of a Muslim man praying and a mosque. Several other signs contain racist and bigoted language, including the following:

    “We don’t like Obama’s white half either”
    “Where is the KKK When you need them?”
    “The zoo in Washington has an African Lion. The White House has a Lying African.”
    “Caitlin Jenner needs to give his balls to Obama. Jenner doesn’t want his and Obama ain’t got none?”
    “Colin Kaeperni*ger you overpaid Half Breed Take your millions and go back to Africa.”
    Another sign had a depiction of a noose hanging from a tree and next to it the words “Obama Swing Set.”

    Aside from citing signs that do not threaten or invoke discrimination against anyone other than Obama, Masri referred to legislation that requires the removal of signs which threaten racial or religious discrimination. Truly, the only sign that could be construed as such no longer exists.

    Speaking with KRQE News 13, terror-tied CAIR continued to invoke legislation that American Muslims have repeatedly violated and which contradicts Islam’s required Sharia laws. CAIR senior litigation attorney Gadeir Abbas would gladly defend Muslims from being forced to serve homosexuals, for example, but uses the same rhetoric to demand that Muslims never be turned away from a business.

    “We want to make it very clear that no retail establishment is allowed to exclude Muslim customers from their store. That’s a violation of federal law and we expect him and other store owners to comply with federal law,” Abbas said.

    However, even CAIR director Ibrahim Hooper acknowledges that the store has every right to use “Islamophobic” speech under their First Amendment rights. He showcased that Muslims can merely request that the store remove such signs and take their business elsewhere if they’re so perturbed by the posters.

    “While everyone has the First Amendment right to free speech – even offensive speech – we urge the store’s owner to remove the sign in the interest of common decency and of our nation’s unity at a time of increasing divisions,” said Hooper.