Migrant Gang Gets Nasty With Teen Girl, Blood Everywhere When They See What’s Behind Them


    While walking down the street, a 14-year-old girl was a little frightened after being stopped by a gang of men. Unfortunately, things would only get worse from there as they started to get a little evil without her permission – but blood was everywhere just a few moments later after the group saw what was just behind them.

    According to Die Welt, the incident took place in Berlin, Germany, but not just anywhere in the city. Come to find out, it all went down in the troubled Alexanderplatz area, which is quickly becoming a no-go zone for both locals and police on account of the frequent violence and high level of crime from primarily migrant youth gangs.

    Unfortunately, a 14-year-old girl found that out the hard way after walking down the street seemingly thinking she would be just fine. However, that turned out to be anything but true as she was quickly stopped by an 18-year-old Muslim man who apparently wanted more than just a little chat.

    The man was reportedly getting a little nasty, and the teen didn’t want anything to do with the situation, but that didn’t slow him down in the slightest. Knowing full well that his gang of 6 friends were nearby, the migrant got a little more brazen and continued to push himself on the girl – and that’s about the time things took a turn for the worse

    As luck would have it, a 20-year-old man was close by and saw what was happening. He went over to defend the teen against the unwelcomed sexual harassment. Sadly, it seems that he didn’t exactly know what he was getting himself into as the predator’s 6 friends quickly came rushing over.

    Without hesitation, the Muslim gang erupted into an attack on the man, punching and kicking him as many times as they could before running off. In the end, the good Samaritan was left bloodied and bruised as the migrants dished out blow after blow before evading police.

    First responders would eventually take the man to the hospital but things were far from over as police sought the gang responsible for the vicious assault. In all, they were able to track down two offenders who were both reportedly under 18-years-old at the nearby metro station.

    The beaten man has since been discharged by doctors after they treated him for minor injuries as they mostly just had to stop the bleeding. Of course, people all across the globe are hailing the man a hero as news of his selfless act is going viral on social media.

    Many people quickly pointed out that this guy didn’t know what he was getting into, but I doubt that he would have done anything differently, knowing how it would end. When the dust had settled, he had taken a beating, but an innocent and defenseless teenage girl had been spared potential horrors.

    However, this wasn’t the only thing to happen at the hands of migrants in the area in recent days:

    Over the weekend, there were a number of other violent incidents in the area including a brawl between two groups of young men. Police who arrived on the scene were attacked by several of the “youths” including being sprayed with pepper spray.

    Authorities arrested several teens and one boy aged only 11 who also participated in the violence.

    Last month, there were two knife attacks in the area, one of which involved several older teens attack a 14-year-old boy who was stabbed in the arm, following an argument, and had to be taken to hospital. Three teens were arrested by police in connection with the assault. [Source: Breitbart]