Austrian Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz Issues Warning On Immigration

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    Austrian Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz now proposes that the EU abandon its failed immigration policy and instead establish “safe zones” in asylum seekers’ countries of origin. He also wants the EU to organise it all and “back the military”, reports Deutsche Welle.


    According to Austria’s new election, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, the EU’s approach to dealing with so-called refugee crises has failed, and a quota system forcing Member States to accept thousands of asylum seekers is not a good idea.

    – Forcing states to receive refugees for not Europe ahead. The whole discussion is meaningless, says Sebastian Kurz in a statement and continues:

    – Migrants who travel to Europe do not want to go to Bulgaria or Hungary. They want to go to Germany, Austria and Sweden.

    Kurz instead proposes that the EU consider providing “military” support for refugees by creating “safe zones” in the countries of origin.

    Such areas have already been implemented in some places in Syria. There, conflicting parties have also agreed not to war, which creates a safe place for people.

    – If a reallocation of refugees is not possible, they should be assisted in safe areas in their own countries. The EU should support this, and perhaps even organise it and secure it, clarifies Sebastian Kurz.