Fake Muslim Refugee Attacks Official Who’s Deporting Her, Gets Perfectly Brutal Surprise


    After an asylum seeker was rejected because she was not a real refugee but an illegal economic migrant, the entitled woman savagely attacked the female official who was facilitating her deportation. However, as soon as the migrant launched her vicious assault, she was quickly introduced to a brutal dose of deserved karma

    As the West bows to the inane dogma of liberalism, millions of migrants who despise our freedoms and values are freely infiltrating with the ultimate goal of spreading their ideology and implementing universal Sharia law. By claiming to be war-torn refugees, many migrants who harbour oppressive and violent beliefs are inflicting the same inhumanity that is rife in their own nations.

    In a bid to prevent her country from genocide by way of replacement population through Muslim migration, Danish Minister of Immigration Inger Stojberg has taken a hardline politically-incorrect stance on Islam and mass migration. Not only has she caused controversy by praising free-speech depictions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, but she has recently initiated mass deportation of failed Muslim asylum seekers.

    While visiting a deportation center in Sjaelsmark to hear the grievances of rejected asylum seekers, the right-wing minister was savaged by an entitled migrant who was outraged that she was denied residency and benefits. During the attack, which was captured on video, the Muslim woman can be heard screaming wildly and clawing at Stojberg before the minister ducks into her vehicle.

    The migrant woman was not only incensed that she failed to get her hands on the conservative immigration minister but was knocked to the ground, run over by the speeding car, and will still be deported as planned.

    According to the Express, the unidentified migrant woman was angry that Stojberg refused to listen to her excuses for illegally entering Denmark, prompting her to burst into a violent tirade that ultimately led to her injuries. Despite the aggressive Muslim woman’s threats, she and many others will be extradited to their home countries as Stojberg doubles down on her strict immigration policies.

    Danish newspaper Politiken reports that although the failed asylum seekers believed that Stojberg would give them a chance to avoid deportation after their applications were rejected, they were sorely mistaken. Center resident Valid Rahmatti whined to reporters that the illegal immigrants had pretended to be kind and inviting until they discovered that their demands for entry to Denmark wouldn’t be fulfilled.

    Mr Rahmatti said, “They had baked cakes, bought flowers, and made signs on which the words ‘we are not criminals’ are written. But we are all considered problems, so all she did was go in and talk to one chose family.”

    Stojberg later took to social media to not only expose how dangerous these refugees are but also to thank the officials who helped her escape injury or possible death.

    “After talking to a family of rejected asylum seekers, I came outside where about 40 people had gathered. Here the situation developed dramatically when the group became very excited. I ended up being evacuated out of the centre. I would like to thank both the bodyguards and the ministerial driver very much for the effort. Without you, it could have ended completely wrong.”

    Stojberg has repeatedly made waves in the political field by opposing repeatedly failed liberal policies on immigration. Instead, she has taken an open stance against forced multiculturalism, mass Muslim resettlement, and even free speech, which includes expressions that offend Muslims.

    Recently, Stojberg criticized the Skovgaard Museum’s rejection of an exhibition that included a drawing of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, which is against Sharia law and warrants the death penalty. The museum, of course, bowed to political correctness and Sharia law by refusing to display the depiction out of fear of the “religion of peace.”

    “It is the museum’s own choice and they have their full right to do it, but I think it’s a shame,” said Inger Stojberg, minister for immigration and integration, in her Facebook post.

    In the same post, Stojberg also revealed that she has a Muhammad cartoon as the background screen of her cell phone because she unequivocally supports freedom of speech, which must include offensive speech or else it is not at all free.

    “Honestly, I think we should be proud of the Mohammad cartoons,” Stojberg said.

    Stojberg defended her right and decision to display Muhammad, reminding angry individuals that Denmark does not recognize Sharia law and supports freedom of expression. The fact that people threaten and kill over such a small offense shows that their belief system is not only inherently violent and oppressive but that its followers use such tactics to eradicate liberties.