Migrant Thug Shoots White Guy For ‘Racist’ Look, Quickly Realises He Made Major Mistake


    When a group of migrants confronted a white man over a parking space, one of the migrant thugs pulled out a pistol and shot him in the thigh for looking “racist.” However, as soon as the thugs believed they had dealt with the car owner, they immediately regretted their actions once they realized they had only angered their white victim.

    When a Swedish citizen received a knock at the door of his home in Gävle, he was greeted by 4 angry Eritrean migrants who demanded he move his white Volvo from its position in the street in front of his house. Initially, the migrants demanded that frightened guests lower their eyes and not look at them before launching into an inane tirade, claiming that the car’s position on the street “persecuted” him. When the man refused to move his vehicle, one of the migrants pulled out a starting pistol and fired it directly into the man’s thigh. Unfortunately for him, this only made their white victim angry.

    Friar Tider reports that after shooting the unnamed white man in the leg, the injured victim took down the armed migrant and wrestled the gun away from him. Incredibly, the injured Swede managed to fight off all 4 migrants before police arrived and arrested the 21-year-old Eritrean asylum seeker.

    Despite the intense pain, the man continued to push back the Africans as far as he could from the others. “The adrenaline made me go on,” the victim said in interrogation.

    The victim explained to police that the men had accused him of racism for not agreeing to move his car before finally brandishing the starting gun and shooting him in the leg.

    “Do not look at me!” shouted one of the Africans at the first man. “Damn racist, we take as much we want! It’s not your street!” the Africans screamed at a woman.

    When the migrant, who has not been named, was arrested, he told police that he shot the man because he believed he, like all white people, is racist.

    “He looked crazy at me. I have to protect myself. Everybody is racist!”

    Disturbingly, the migrant was only sentenced to a year and 9 months in prison for multiple charges, and the court has denied the prosecutor’s request to deport him. Reportedly, the migrant has been deemed mentally unstable, prompting the Gävle District Court to determine that “he has a dangerous personality and lacks empathy.” Still, this was not enough for the court to revoke his temporary residence in Sweden.

    The victim suffered injuries from shrapnel expelled by the firearm. Although the pistol was only a starting gun, which typically fires blanks, they can be deadly when fired at an incredibly close range. Medical experts confirmed that it would be extremely difficult to remove the shrapnel as some of the pieces are too close to his leg nerves and may cause damage upon extraction. They estimate that he will require several surgical procedures which may cause irreparable damage to his leg.

    The man does not know “if he is forced to live with projectile residues in his body for the rest of his life, if he is suffering from infections, or other complications that can not be overlooked at the moment,” a health care spokesperson said.

    Sweden has likely sealed its fate, thanks to mass Muslim migration. In fact, a recent report confirms that from 2012 to 2017, Muslim migrant committed 95.6 percent of violent crimes while native Swedes committed just 4.4 percent. Despite making up a tiny minority of the Swedish population, these migrants have committed the majority of the crimes in recent years.

    Additionally, 90 percent of organized violence is committed by foreigners and one in 4 rapists is from Afghanistan. Because the truth destroys the liberal agenda, the Swedish government has resorted to blatant censorship of migrant crime statistics, according to a study.

    “In January 2017, Morgan Johansson (S), Minister of Migration, announced that the government do not intend to provide the Crime Prevention Council (BRÅ) with the task of developing new statistics on the origin of criminals. Despite the fact that it has been a decade since the latest report and Sweden‘s demographics changed dramatically since then. The government’s unwillingness to produce official statistics sank inspiration for the survey I have now conducted,” the author writes in his preface.

    H/T MWN