Muslim Mom Murders Baby Girl, Smiles & Whispers 6 Chilling Words When Asked Why She Did It


    Authorities were horrified to discover that a remorseless mother had brutally murdered her 14-month-old daughter. However, as soon as she was asked how she could do such a detestable thing, a sinister smiled crawled across her lips as she eerily whispered 6 chilling words.

    Since the day Sadia Ahmed, 28, found out that she was pregnant with a daughter, she lamented her own child’s conception. Distraught that she didn’t give birth to a son, Sadia decided to end her 14-month-old daughter’s life by suffocating the toddler with a pillow and violently shaking her tiny body in April 2016. The child was rushed to the hospital with no pulse and irreversible brain damage. As heinous as Sadia’s actions are, it is her sinister confession that has disturbed the media and authorities.

    Sadia’s aunt, Shagufta Yasmin, told the High Court in Glasgow, Scotland that when she asked her niece how she killed little Inaya, the mother smiled and said, “It is between me and Allah,” according to the BBC. Shagufta explained that Sadia merely grinned in silence as her horrified aunt questioned if she had any guilt over what she had done.

    She said, “I asked Sadia, ‘Tell me how you killed Inaya.’ Initially she said, ‘It is between me and Allah.’” The witness then added, “She didn’t tell me how she did it. I said, ‘Do you not feel any mercy for her?’ and Sadia smiled.”

    Prosecutor Paul Kearney described to the court that Sadia had placed her legs over Inaya to stop her from thrashing and kicking as she desperately gasped for her final breaths. After repeatedly shaking the terrified young girl, Inaya finally succumbed to her injuries.

    “She used to say she wanted a son, not a daughter,” the witness told the court. “She said she wanted an abortion. We said ‘have faith in God’ and he might give her a son next time. We said if you wish to have an abortion that’s your decision. But we’re happy with whatever it is.”

    Adding another layer to the case, Shagufta had initially confessed to police on May 4 that she was the one who had killed Inaya, the Mirror reports. When questioned during the trial, Shagufta suspiciously claimed that she took the blame because she wanted to get the child’s body back.

    “I thought they would release Inaya’s body. I just wanted justice for Inaya and her body back. Because, at that time, I didn’t understand what to say or what not to say because I was scared,” Shagufta said. “I became fearful of her. I couldn’t believe a mother could do something like this.”

    Although doctors tried to save the child, Inaya’s life support system was switched off on April 20 while her murderous mother returned home. When Shagufta was asked how she could allow the dangerous woman to continue living with the family, she couldn’t provide a sufficient answer.

    Defence QC Ian Duguid asked Shagufta, “If she was a cold, calculating, laughing killer why did you allow her to continue to live in the family home after Inaya died and when there was a seven-and-a-half-month-old child, there?”

    Shagufta replied, “We made a mistake. We shouldn’t have done that

    Source : UK Mirror