BOOM : School Bans Hijab , Muslims Parents Furious


    A private school in Thane, Maharashtra, has prohibited Muslim students from wearing hijab in school premises. After this incident the girl’s parents have protested against the school. Symbiosis Convent High School has cited security reasons for this decision.

    Earlier this month, the school had issued a circular saying that students will not be allowed to cover their faces in the school premises and for abandoning them. It was also stated in this circular that the students of the students also have to show the face while entering the premises.

    On expressing the parents’ grievances on this decision of the school, the school administration clarified that this move was not raised with the intention to hurt religious sentiments.

    According to the news of Indian Express , school trustee Kamalraj Dev told that some students wear a burqa and leave the school. When their parents came, our security people did not know where those girls are?

    He said that recently, two women had come to school. They wanted to take their children home early Their faces were covered. We called the class teacher, but both of them escaped before reaching them. He said that it was an attempt to kidnap children.

    Hijab in the past have also created security issues throughout the world and is now being banned in Western countries like France , Austria due to same security concern.

    In fact a paper is US quoted ‘Women who wear the hijab contribute to “passive terrorism,” says a US military paper’

    The hijab is much more than a head covering. It contributes to the spread of Islamic extremism—or so says part of a US military white paper that is generating criticism.

    As The Intercept reported today, a paper titled “Countering Violent Extremism: Scientific Methods and Strategies,” issued by the US Air Force Research Laboratory, contains one section describing the hijab worn by Muslim women around the world as contributing to “passive terrorism.”

    A Strategic Plan to Defeat Radical Islam,” and its author is Dr. Tawfik Hamid, a self-described former Islamic extremist and senior fellow at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies in Washington D.C. As the form of extremism known as Salafi jihadism spreads, he writes, more women assume the head covering, which he labels “a catalyst for Islamism.

    He continues: “In turn, the proliferation of militant Salafism and the hijab contribute to the idea of passive terrorism, which occurs when moderate segments of the population decline to speak against or actively resist terrorism.”

    The failure to actively resist terrorism, he writes, can be considered “a threat to free societies.”

    There’s also a chart:

    The white paper is made up of articles by numerous academics and researchers. It was originally published (pdf) in 2011, but according to a note from the editor in the new version, it was reissued in July 2015 as the “wisdom contained in this paper collection is more relevant than ever.” The Intercept notes that the original was also cited by the FBI in 2014 in its own strategy for combating extremism.