Abdul Weds Child Bride, Cops Horrified By What Sick In-Laws Forced Her To Eat


    Recently, a pedophile was arrested for marrying a little girl and inflicting unimaginable torture on the poor child. However, nothing could prepare the police for hearing what the girl’s in-laws forced the abused child to eat for her disobedience. Gul Hazar, who is now 17 years old, is exposing child marriage and all the horrific abuses that accompany it.

    After being rescued by authorities in Afghanistan, Hazar revealed that she was sold off as a preteen bride at the age of 12, and she also suffered unspeakable torture from both her much older husband and his devout Muslim family, which happens quite often under Sharia law.

    Hazar explained that aside from her in-laws thrusting sticks into her vagina as physical and sexual torture for being arrogant, they forced her to ingest the family dog’s leftovers, only allowing her to eat after she hauled in firewood each day.

    The Khaama Press reports that Hazar has suffered the most brutal forms of physical, mental, and sexual torture by her husband and his family members. In fact, authorities confirmed that they managed to identify around 150 marks of torture on and inside her tiny body, including evidence of attempted murder.

    Hazar was treated as a slave by her in-laws, who required her to collect wood from the surrounding forest for the home furnace, according to the Pajhwok Report. The young girl was further humiliated by being forced to watch as they feasted at the table and directed to the dog’s bowl, which often contained hardly enough morsels for her own survival.

    After her return, her father-in-law allegedly forces her into eating food left over by his dog. “He would give me a bag and ask me to collect firewood. I once stayed for three nights in the mountains. When I returned home, he did not allow me to burn the wood to warm myself. I had to eat the food the dog’s food. He warned me to consume it if there is nothing to eat.”

    Gul Hazar grumbled she was often beaten by her sisters-in-law and their mother. “They even decided to kill me,” she said.

    Hazar’s family confirmed that the girl was frequently beaten by her husband and his parents, including the insertion of sticks into her vagina, which likely infers that she was accused of being unfaithful.

    Dr. Sheema said: “Fresh signs of torture are visible on the body of the girl, who has suffered a lot on wounds on the front side. She has been tortured severely.”

    The Dolina district chief of police told the media that the abuse occurred at the hands of the husband and his father, mother, and sister, who have since been arrested.

    “The incident happened in Phan village. We have taken remedial steps, arrested the perpetrators and handed them over to the central police headquarters,” he concluded.