Religious Place Of Muslims Demolished , Community Furious


    In Chhattisgarh, a case of demolition of Muslim place of worship in Dadar district of Korba district has surfaced. There is a lot of resentment in the people of Muslim society since the demolishing and they call it sabotage. Meanwhile, demanding immediate arrest of the perpetrators of the massacre, people of Muslim community clashed on Dadar main road.

    After a few hours in Dadar, the people of the society reached the Ghatghar Chowk, where they started climbing over their demands.

    In connection with the demolition of a religious place in Muslim society in Dadar, a woman living nearby said that between 25 and 30 people had reached here between 9 am and 10 am on Sunday morning. During this time, those people raised slogans at the religious site of Muslim society and then went away after demolishing a place of worship.

    Therefore, after this there was a huge tension in the Muslim community of Dadar that has caused a lot of sabotage. Angry people started the movement in the clutter in the incident. In view of the tense atmosphere, heavy police force has been deployed in Dadar and Baghpur Chowk after security.

    Meanwhile, the Police Department is completely alert for any unpleasant situation in the meantime. Here, the action has been started to identify the people who have been subversive and arresting them. At the same time, the people sitting on the dock in the Battghaur chowk stopped the protest after the police’s explanation.

    In the case, Haji Imadad Hussain said that the police has given assurances to arrest all the accused till December 26.

    Here, in protest against the detention of the Hindu Revolutionary Army member, in a CSEB chowk, after a brief hiatus, the protesters fiercely surrounded the chouki and swooped on them.

    Source : News 18